Professional poker strategy

Welcome to This website is designed to help you earn money playing poker and other online games. I do not claim to be able to make you a poker pro. I can however give you the skill needed to make a small but consistent profit. The rest is up to you. If you stay dedicated and disciplined you might become a pro before you know it.

poker chipsAlmost anyone can become a professional poker player but it is a lot easier for some than it is for others. If you have a calm, disciplined and mathematical brain then you will have a big head start. Noticed that I say that almost anyone can become a professional player. By this I mean that they can pay their bills and make a decent living playing poker. I am not saying anyone can become a pokerstar. That anyone can become the next Phil Ivey or Phil Hellmuth. To play at that level it takes both a natural gift and a lot of training. A lot of training alone can only take you so far.

It is important to remember that you do not have to become a world class player to become a professional. You only need to be better than you competition. How good you need to be to become a professional depends on where you live. It depends on the skill level of the opponents in your area and the cost of living where you live. It might be possible to make a living by playing poker in your area even if you do not have what it takes to become successful at the tables in Las Vegas or Macau.

If you live in Sweden. A country with a very small number of casinos and a very large number of good professional or semi-professional players then you need to be very skilled to make your living as a pro. If you live in a country like Bolivia or chile. Countries where the living expenses are low and where most poker players are rather weak than you can become a pro without being as skilled.

However, in Sweden you find a lot of great guides where professional players gladly share useful tactics and strategies for higher winning chances. One of the biggest is CasinoGuide that also offer comprehensive reviews about all Swedish and EU casinos.

flopThe same is true within the US. You might be able to make a living playing in your state even if you are unable to make it in Las Vegas. It doesn’t mater if you are a good player, just that you are the best player at the table.

If you choose to play online then you will play against the same opponents regardless of where you live. Your chances of being able to make a living playing poker will however still greatly depend on where you live. It is of course a lot easier to make a living at the poker tables if you live in a country with low living expenses than it will be to do it when you live in a richer more expensive country. Living in a cheaper country will allow you to make a living playing against less skilled players at lower stake tables than those you would have to play at to make a living in a more expensive country.

Getting started

I recommend that everyone start out by playing online. As a beginner it is always best to play online regardless of where you want to play when you become more experienced. Online poker allow you to gain experience as lot faster than what you can earn playing offline. The experience you gain in a month playing online would take a year to earn offline. Online poker also allow you to start playing with lower stakes then you can if you go to a regular poker room. Online poker have reduced the entry barrier. You would be a fool not to do what you can to benefit from this.

If you have no experience what so ever, we recommend that you start with video poker. The difference between video poker and real poker is that you play agains a computer. It’s much easier to get a hang of the game, the rules and the different hands that you can get in poker.

It is true that there is a lot of difference between online poker and regular poker.   When you start playing offline you will have to adjust your game to fit the offline tables. That is a process that takes days or perhaps even weeks. Once you are done adjusting you can benefit from all the experience you have gained online and play as a seasoned pro even though you only played offline for a very short time.

poker starsAnother benefit by starting your career online  is that you can build your bankroll. Playing online allow you start playing with a very low initial deposit. You can start playing without having to devote a lot of money to it.

There are a lot of different poker rooms that you can choose to start playing in. There are however only a few that are good options for someone who want to become a professional player. The two best options are PokerStars & Full Tilt Poker. They are two of the worlds biggest and most well maintained online poker rooms. They have enough players to make it possible to play whenever you want. You can always find a good game. This is true when you start playing with low stakes as well as later when you move up to higher stakes. Most other poker room does not have as many members and hence ca not offer you the same amount of opponents as these sites can.