Best poker rooms

There are a very large number of different poker rooms that you can choose to play in. Many of these poker rooms are part of the same networks and offer an identical experience. Many of the poker rooms only provide a small amount of opponents to play against and it can be hard to find good games in off hours.

There are many poker rooms that are well run and that uses a good well designed software. Finding a good poker room is easy. Finding a great poker room with a large number of active players is harder.

There are really only 3 poker rooms that I feel is worth recommending to new players. These are PokerStars, Full Tilt poker and Unibet Poker. This does not mean that all other poker rooms are a bad choices. They are just not as hood as the three i mentioned above.


poker starsPoker star is the largest online poker room in the world. They have thousand of players online at any time of the day. They feature a very large selection of different tables that you can play at and a large selection of tournaments. It is not unusual that popular tournament attracts more than 10 000 or even 20 000 players. Poker stars offer the weekly Sunday million tournament that allow you to win more than $100 000.

Pokerstars offers a large selection of different types of poker that you can play. The majority of their members can be found at the Texas holdem tables but Pokerstars also offer a large member base that prefer less popular types of poker. Pokerstars is usually the best option regardless of what type of poker you want to play

Pokerstars offer a casino with games from NetEnt. The casino is well managed but it is not as good as some casinos that focus exclusively on casino gambling.  Casinos that focus exclusively on casino gambling offer a larger selection of slot machines and other casino games.  Visit this website to learn more about popular slot machines and where to find them.

Full Tilt Poker

Full tilt poker is a very complete poker site that offer a large selection of different types of poker and a large selection of tournaments. Full tilt poker is owned by the same company as PokerStars and it is possible to transfer money directly between the two poker rooms. Full tilt poker is popular among high rollers but offer a lot of action on all stake levels.

full tilt pokerFull Tilt is a very established poker room. It used to be PokerStars main competitor but the poker room was closed down by the US DOJ on Black Friday and would remain closed for an extended period until PokerStars bought the company and brought the poker room back. PokerStars was also caught up in the black Friday raids but cooperated with the DOJ and was able to open up again very quickly.

Full tilt poker is a good choice for all poker players. They have a large number of players and you can always find good action. They also feature a large selection of tournaments and free rolls. The FTOPS tournament series gives you the chance to win very large sums of money.

It is a very good idea to be a member of both Poker Stars and Full Tilt Poker. They are the two best poker rooms and together they make a superior option. It is very easy to be a member of  both. The fact that you can instantly transfer money between  Poker Stars and Full Tilt Poker means that you can use your bankroll where you need it, when you need it. It is almost like two parts of the same poker room.

UniBet Poker

unibet pokerUnibet poker is smaller than the two other poker rooms and feature a smaller amount of opponents. This is due to the fact that they recently decided to stop being part of a poker network and develop their own network. The reason that I feel that I can recommend Unibet poker is that the software is exceptional and I believe that Unibet will grow as big as the two giants above if given a little time. Right now they offer a good selection of Texas holdem games. If you prefer to play another type of poker then I recommend that you choose one of the options above.