Poker bonus

Most poker rooms offer a cash bonus. You get this bonus  when you make your first deposit. The size of the bonus will vary between different poker rooms and will often be based on the size of your deposit. The more money you deposit the more money you will get. Some poker rooms will give you a bonus on more than one deposit.

A bonus will usually be advertised using a percentage and the max bonus. A poker room might advertise a 100% bonus up to $600. This means that you will get a bonus that has the same size as your deposit. The largest bonus you can get in this example is $600. It does not matter if you deposit   more money. You will still only get $600 as a bonus.

This page is exclusively about poker. If you want to know more about the welcome bonus you can find in different casinos I recommend that you read more here.

Bonus Requirement

BONUSAlmost all poker bonus have bonus requirement that you will need to meet within a certain time frame for your bonus to be released. The bonus requirement is often based on the VIP points you earn or the rake you pay. You will need to reach certain goals for every USD you received as a bonus.

An important difference between casino bonuses and poker bonuses is that the poker bonus is paid out only after you have met the requirements. It will not be deposit right away like a casino bonus. Some bonuses are released in fractions. Other poker rooms requires you to meet the requirement for the entire amount before any of the bonus is released. The money is yours the second it has been deposit into your account. You never risk having money locked into your account. Money  that you are not allowed to withdraw.

You are usually required to meet the requirement within a certain time frame. If you do not then the remaining unreleased bonus will be canceled.

Choosing a Poker room with a big bonus

It is easy to be tempted to join a poker room that gives you the biggest possible bonus. This is seldom a good idea. You should be looking for a good poker room regardless of the bonus they offer. A good poker room will give you the best chance to win money and that is worth a lot more than any bonus.

Choose a good poker room such as Full Tilt Poker or PokerStars.

Bonus collecting

chipsBonus collecting is a technique used to earn money by getting the bonus at different poker rooms. This technique can be a good way to start building your bank roll when you first start playing poker. You do this by registering at a poker room, deposit enough money to get the maximum bonus, play enough to meet the requirement and then withdraw the money. You then do it all again at another poker room.

If you choose to do it within a certain poker network then you can keep playing against the same players even though you gamble in different poker rooms. This can increase your profits since you have time to get to know your opponents.

Is bonus collecting allowed

The poker rooms do frown upon the practice and they would prefer that you stayed and kept playing in their poker room. There are however no rules against bonus collecting. Once you met the requirement you have honored your obligations and you are free to move on to a new poker room.

We do not know of any player who has been unable to withdraw their money or experienced any other negative treatment due to their bonus collecting.

The poker room have designed the bonus so that they make a small profit even if you leave the poker room right after you have met the requirements.

Is bonus collecting worth it

This is a hard question to answer. The answer is generally no. The bonus will help you add to your bank roll. There are however a number of drawbacks associated with going from poker room to poker room. One of the most important drawbacks is that there are only a couple of truly good poker rooms. If you want to collect bonuses you will need to play in second tier poker rooms.